Fascinating Before and After Shots Show the CGI Behind 'Mad Max: Fury Road'

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before and after cgi mad max fury road 20.jpg

There is no denying that since Mad Max: Fury Road is an incredible film that delivers everything promised by director George Miller. It's a tale of a post apocalyptic world told through amazing practical stunts and of course, CGI, but where does one stop and the other begin? well Fxguide have managed to obtain screen grabs of the original footage and the comparisons are breathtaking.

The majority of the orignal footage and stunts were filmed in locations such as the Nambia desert, ideal for its vast open flat plains. As you can see, the CGI serves to enchance the original footage, as people, vehicles and other people are added to the scene. Check them out below.



h/t fxguide.com, The Verge