Photographer Spends 30 Days Photographing His Adopted Bunnies as They Grow

Cuteness overload!
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10 months ago, fine art photographer Ashraful Arefin based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, started photographing his pet bunnies and has since discovered that not only are they great pets, but they also make brilliant models, never shying away from the camera.

After sharing some photos on the internet a few months ago that got a lot of attention and praise, he felt compelled to continue this adorable photo series after one of his rabbits named Tooni had four babies. Aerfin told BoredPanda "Each and every day from their birth was special to me. Watching them growing up everyday, opening their eyes for the first time, wiggling their tiny feet… everything was just so special and magical to me!"

He's certainly done a fantastic job of capturing that magic. Take a look through the photos below which are taken over the course of a month. For more photography by Aerfin visit 500px & Facebook.

Source: 500px, Wordpress, DeviantArt