Cat Tattoos Are Easily the Cutest Way to Break the Law in South Korea

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Cats aren't well known for being animals that like to be taken on walks, after all thats part of a cats appeal - they pretty much take care of themselves, until they need feeding that is. So if you can't take your cat with you everywhere, what do you do? well theres one way you can always stay close to your cat, and it's done by tattooing them onto your body. There is a tattoo studio in Seoul, South Korea named Sol Tattoo that will do just that, and the result is pretty adorable.

The tattoos are incredibly detailed for their size, using subtle dots and lines for shading. It may come as a surprise though that these types of tattoos are actually illegal in South Korea as it's considered a medical procedure. Despite this it is estimated that more than a million people in South Korea have tattoos.

According to The Wall Street Journal, there are thousands of underground tattoo studios in South Korea. Since celebrities have popularised tattoos and they have become more accepted the world over, the country is now considering a change in the law.

Source: Instagram, Facebook