Majestic Underwater Seascapes of Aquatic Life Photographed by Jorge Cervera Hauser

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Photographer Jorge Cervera Hauser captures beautiful and intimate underwater photographs of sea creatures such as sharks, dolphins and turtles. The drama presented in these photos as we gaze into a shoal of fish or look down on a shark as it hunts is what sets the work of Hauser apart from the rest, with his ability to capture moments in time, sometimes just split seconds and make them eternal.

Most of these photographs were taken in Baja or the Mexican Caribbea and the image of the shark photographed from above, which just happens to be our favourite, was taken at Tiger Beach in the Bahamas. Hauser is a man of many talents including being a film producer, however his heart lies with his photography of animals. With a few friends he has set up an NGO called Pelagic Life which is aiming to help preserve the Mexican open ocean through eco-tourism. You can see more of his work here.