This Guy Photographs His Girlfriend as They Travel the World and His Latest Photos Are Beautiful

He's really outdone himself whilst exploring India.
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We have previously posted about the work of Russian photographer Murad Osmann and his photo series titled 'Follow Me Too" which shows his girlfriend Nataly Zakharova leading the way as they travel the world, but their recent visit to India might be their best yet.

Murad Osmann and his girlfriend have travel a lot Nataly Zakharova and like to take a lot of photographs.

In a photo series titled 'Follow Me Too" the couple document their travels as Nataly leads the way.

The series began back in 2011 with a trip to Barcelona and has been going ever since.

During that time the couple have travelled to many places and most recently they went to India.

As normal, Osmann captured some truly beautiful shots.

Since starting the couple have gained 2.3 million followers on Instagram. It's certainly worth checking out.

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