How to Make Edible & Stackable Gummy Bear LEGO

We all already know that LEGO is the best creation ever, with its endless possibilities to build and create whatever it is your imagination has dreamt up, but this might just be the best LEGO creation ever. Edible, Stackable gummy LEGO pieces that you can actually build with!

Created by the rather fittingly titled ‘King Of Random’ on Youtube, this step by step guide shows you how you can make your very own at home. For more information head over to Instructables. For more awesome random projects visit Facebook and  Instagram.

All you’ll need is Jell-O, water, corn syrup and a LEGO mould which can be found online on sites such as Amazon.

And the finished product looks a lot like this. Stackable, edible, glorious pieces of gummy LEGO!

Watch this video tutorial:


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