Two-Legged 'Bunny Cat' Is Instagram's Newest & Cutest Star

Roux the two-legged kitten is adorable.
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Roux the two-legged kitty is Instagram's newest rising star and it's fairly easy to see why, she really is the most unique and inspiring cat we've ever seen. Roux was adopted by her owner Jackie Deak Akey who lives in Louisiana and since taking to social media has gained over 60 thousand followers on Instagram.

Roux was born with a birth defect that left her without properly functioning front legs, which is how she ended up in an animal shelter as she was unable to bury her waste in the cat litter box. Akey learnt of Roux as she works in a veterinary clinic nearby.

But despite her disability, she still loves life and enjoys herself. She is even pretty quick on her feet, check her out in the videos and photos below.

You can see more of Roux on Instagram.

Source: Instagram

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