3D-Printed Faucets Show Just How Cool Metal Printing Is

U.S. faucet manufacturer American Standard have just raised the bar for faucets everywhere by using an unusual 3D printing method to create faucets that look more like they belong in an art exhibition than in a kitchen or bathroom.

They were created using a technique known as selective laser sintering which is a process that involves powerful lasers used to heat metal powder together to produce pieces that would be near impossible to create with more traditional methods. Although the technique has been around for a while, American Standard claims that these are the first market-ready faucets to be made in this way.

Don’t expect them to come cheap though. Having one of these in your home will cost you anywhere between $12,000 – $20,000. For more information head here americanstandard-us.com.

h/t boredpanda.com

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