Dog Owner Takes Terminally Ill Dog on One Last Epic Adventure

Poh the dog goes on a road trip across the United States.
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When dog owner Thomas Neil Rodriguez received the terrible news that his dog Poh was terminally ill, he decided that he needed to make the most of the time they still had together, by taking his best friend on a road trip right across the United States. The two of them set off from their hometown of New York City with the hope that they would reach California so Poh could take a swim in the Pacific Ocean.

Excited for the journey ahead!

At 15 years old Poh still has plenty of energy to explore the world, which is why owner Thomas Neil Rodriguez decided to take his best friend on a bucket list road trip.

"The unfortunate fact is that we're all going to pass away," he told the Daily News Wednesday. "I'm kind of determined to live it to the fullest with Poh."

It is thought that since they began their road trip they have covered 12,000 miles and stopped in 35 cities.

Initially they gave themselves 7 weeks with the ambition of ending up in California, if Poh could make it.

But 3 months later and Poh is still in high spirits!

Because of this Rodriguez says that the adventures will continue as long as Poh is well enough.

In Hollywood!

Visiting the White House.

Good luck Poh! keep doing your thing and exploring the world!

You can keep up to date with Poh's adventures on Instagram.

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