Kanye West Delivers Inspiring Speech to Graduates About Haters & the Real World

"Usually, when you're the absolute best you get hated on the most."
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Musician and fashion designer Kanye West recently gave an inspiring speech to a group of graduates at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College. Kanye taught a fashion course at the college last September and returned to deliver a speech on his experiences in the fashion world and his transition from music to fashion.

During the speech he made some good points not just about the fashion world but life in general, adding that “when you’re the absolute best you get hated on the most.” The last minute of the video is perhaps the most enlightening however, as Kanye delivers some truth to all the students and leaves with the question:

"As a race, human beings are a blip in existence. Death is promised. So what do you do with your life? how do you make the most of it? how do you make YOUR voice the loudest."