14 Cats That Are Doing Their Very Best to Upset Extremely Patient Dogs

Patience is wearing thin.
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It turns out that cats aren't just good at annoying their humans, they are also pretty good at annoying the hell out of other animals too, in this case it's dogs that are on the receiving end of their antics. Whilst these pooches might be trying their best to keep calm, their cat 'friends' have other ideas.

1. Gimme that tongue!

cats annoying dogs 8.jpg

2. "You wanna go!? let's go buddy!"

cats annoying dogs 11.jpg

3. HAA scared you!

cats annoying dogs 9.jpg

4. Mmmm, this feels good.


5. "Look at me, I own the dog kennel now."


6. Haha, boop!


7. Don't worry, I'm a trained masseur!


8. Time for your walk!

cats annoying dogs 5.gif

9. BOOO!


10. Haha, you'll never catch me.


11. Let's have a go!

cats annoying dogs 3.jpg

12. You make the best play toy ever!

cats annoying dogs 2.gif

13. Giddy-up!


14. They just don't know when to back off.


h/t distractify.com