16 People Who Clearly Failed to Think Things Through

Number 14 left me laughing.
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It may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but now when they look back these people must realise that they seriously messed up. From terrible business names to t-shirts that should never have happened, here are 16 people that really messed up. What were these people thinking!? who knows...

1. How did no one see this before it made it to print!?

funny fails 1.jpeg

2. A cute idea gone horribly wrong.

funny fails 2.jpg

3. You've really outdone yourself there.

funny fails 3.jpeg

4. Dam it, Grant!

funny fails 4.jpeg

5. Which terrible human being came up with this idea?

funny fails 5.jpeg

6. It isn't even optional.

funny fails 6.jpeg

7. Timeshop being a little insensitive.

funny fails 7.jpg

8. This was never a good idea.

funny fails 8.jpeg

9. No thanks.

funny fails 15.jpg

10. How lazy do you have to be to buy a grilled cheese sandwich.

funny fails 14.jpeg

11. 10/10!


12. Whoever designed this trophy.

funny fails 9.jpeg

13. This cop.

funny fails 10.jpg

14. This guy who bought this t-shirt.

funny fails 11.jpeg

15. The editors of this newspaper.

funny fails 12.jpeg

16. The designer of this hat.

funny fails 13.jpg

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