22 Animals Struggling to Master the Art of Sliding

Number 7 is just too adorable!
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As children going to the park would be one of the most exciting things we did, but these 22 adorable animals aren't quite as enthusiastic about jumping on the slide, why? because they haven't quite mastered it yet.

Sadly most adults are far too big to fit on a park slide, luckily though these little guys don't have that problem meaning hey've got plenty of time to practice!.

1. "I'm guna make it!.... oh no."

2. "Let me have a go!"

3. "Why did I agree to this!?"

4. No sliding here.

5. "I can do this!.... or not."

6. I will not be defeated!

7. Cuteness overload! haha.

8. The face of regret.

9. "Help!"

10. It was all too much for this little guy.

11. "I'll get there eventually."

funny animals on slides 9.gif

12. Too much excitement for this little guy.

13. He totally nailed that!

14. "OH MY GOD! ok play it cool."

15. Is this how it's done?

16. Unusual technique.

17. "Watch me slide human!"

18. Since this day just mentioning 'slide' strikes fear in this little guys heart.

19. "Hey, I did it!"

20. Don't worry people, he's totally got this. Just look at that pose!

21. How to make an entrance in style.

22. Nailed it!

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