The World's Biggest Pit Bull Just Became a Dad, Wait Until You See His Puppies

Cuteness overload!
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It wasn't that long ago that we shared an article about Hulk, the world's biggest pit bull. Fast forward a few months and he's now the loving & proud dad of 8 adorable puppies. What's so special about these pups? they could be worth up to $55,000 each!. Money aside though these adorable pups could one day grow up to be just as big as their dad.

At 79 kg Hulk is officially the world's largest pit bull!

hulk pitbull puppies 1.jpg

And now this giant softy has become the father of 8 adorable pups.

hulk pitbull puppies 2.jpg

As you can see they're growing up pretty quick!

hulk pitbull puppies 3.jpg

It will take around five to six weeks before they start to seperate out in size, then his owners will know which ones will be the biggest.

hulk pitbull puppies 4.jpg

Because of Hulks enormous size it's thought that each of his puppies could be worth up to $55,000 each!

hulk pitbull puppies 5.jpg

Hulk shows the world that when well trained, his breed can be a truly loving dog.

hulk pitbull puppies 6.jpg

Hulk has been trained by Marlon who runs Dark Dynasty K9, a breeder specialising in protection dogs. Marlon has trained Hulk so well he trusts him to interact with Grennan’s three-year-old son, Jordan. 

hulk pitbull puppies 7.jpg

Excited to see how big these pups get? I know I am. You can follow Hulk and his puppies on Instagram and Facebook.

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