22 Pictures So Oddly Satisfying They Will Soothe Your Soul

Ahh... yes.
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Sometimes everything just fits together perfectly... and the results are so pleasing they will soothe your soul. Here are 35 oddly satisfying pictures that will soothe your soul.

1. This sandwich.

2. This cable management.

3. The gradient in these pencils.

oddly satisfying soothing pictures 16.jpg

4. The way these vegetables are arranged.

5. This shelf. Those books.

6. Rose wedding hair.

7. Tyre stacking.

8. Sleeping kittens.

9. The way these pencils are arranged.

10. Solar panels in France.

11. Glorious cheeries.

12. This perfect natural spiral.

13. The perfect fit.

14. Perfect.

15. This perfectly alligned shadow.

16. Coffee just got even better.

17. Ahh... yes.

18. Reversed firework.


19. Stacked logs.

20. Breaking a Rubik's Cube

21. These pancakes

22. These gas lines.

h/t r/oddlysatisfying