Guy Creates Adorable Photos Series with His Dog After His Wife Leaves Him

A bad situation turned into something adorable.
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It was on his thirtieth birthday when Rafael Mantesso's life was turned upside down. His wife left him and took pretty much everything, from the furniture to the cooking utensils, however she did leave one thing behind, her bull terrier named Jimmy.

Left alone in the empty apartment, Jimmy wondered around for a while before deciding to take a sleep, leant up against the wall. Mantesso took a marker pen and started to draw around Jimmy "Suddenly, I felt his long-dormant inspiration for drawing, for art, for life—returning," he writes on Bored Panda.

Since then the two of them have become the best of friends and have continued this adorable photo series on Instagram. The photos are also avaliable as part of a book called "A Dog Named Jimmy" which can be found on Amazon.

Source: Instagram