Homeless Boy Does His Homework on the Street Using the Light from McDonald's

This little boy is inspiring.
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Joyce Gilos Torrefranca, a student studying in Mandaue, Philippines, stumbled across a truly inspiring sight. A nine-year-old boy now identified as Daniel Cabrera was sat there on the side of the road, using the light from the nearby McDonald's in order to do his homework. Torrefranca photographed the young boy and posted it on Facebook.

The young boy and his mother Christina Espinosa were left behind after Daniel's father died in prison and they now live in a small food stall after their house burnt down. Despite these odds, at just nine years of age Daniel still does his homework every night using a home-made bench and his only pencil. The photo quickly went viral and since then Daniel has received scholarships and support from people all around the world.

It's truly inspiring to see a young boy so determined to make the most of what he has.

Daniel, age 9, was photographed doing his homework on the streets, using his only pencil and the light from the nearby McDonald's.

Daniel lives with his mum on a food stall. His mum makes 80 Philippine pesos everyday. The equivalent to $1.77 or £1.14 a day.

Checkout the video interview with Daniel below:

Source: Facebook

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