These Incredibly Dangerous Animals Are Guilty... Of Being Totally Adorable

Dangerous!? ...surely not.
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Nature might be beautiful, but it's also full of dangerous animals that could quite easily kill you. Although you're fairly safe in your own environment (depending on where you live), should you venture into the wild and come across a dangerous animal you could be in trouble... unless you stumble across one of these animals.

They're not dangerous killers, the only thing they could possibly be guilty of is being totally adorable.

1. Polar bears are dangerous? not this one.

2. Bears? the cutest.

3. This little guy just wants a hug.

4. The cutest of best friends.

5. A bucket overflowing with cuteness.

6. Bear hug!

7. "What are you doing!?"

8. This snake is harmless. It just wants to party!

9. This lion just wants a hug.

10. This tiger is more interested in fooling around.

11. "Be dangerous? i'd rather play dress up."

12. Looking at this, it's hard to believe that they could harm anyone.

13. "Just give me a hug."

14. Aww.

15. "Ahh, that's the spot."

16. "Come back in a minute, i'm sleeping right now."

17. Kisses.

18. "I'm guna eat you!"