The 22 Most Messed up but Hilarious Bathroom Pranks You Can Play on Your Friends

If you are having a bad day at work, sometimes the only way of getting away from it all is by going to the bathroom for a minute. It can be a peaceful time, a time for reflection and contemplation… that is until one of your friends decides to play a prank on you. There are a number of bathroom pranks that will either scare you, annoy you or make you laugh… so to make sure you’re fully prepared next time you enter the toilet check out these hilarious pranks. The air horn one would scare me the most!

1. All seems fine… until you turn the tap on and get covered in water!

2. That will teach you for looking!

3. Really needing the toilet but you see this… suddenly i’m not so desperate.

4. No idea why they’ve used the puppet from Saw. This is worse than Saw!

5. This would quite literally scare the s**t out of you.

6. Well, that escalated quickly.

7. Good luck, you’re going to need it.

8. You cannot escape Nicholas Cage!.

9. How to really mess with someones head.

10. Don’t you dare.

11. What would you do?

12. I wonder how long people stood there waiting.

13. As if mannequins aren’t creepy enough… someone goes and sticks one on a toilet… in a dark room.

14. Worth a try, but this person was just one step ahead.

15. The scariest thing ever.

16. This one is simple, but extremely effective.

17. This one requires a bit more effort, although the rewards are clear. Good luck to whoever uses that toilet next!.

18. Nope. *Backs up, closes bathroom door.*

19. The classic ‘dead body’ prank. Gets them everytime!

20. One word. Traumatised.

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