These Adorable Animals Couldn't Be Happier That It's Bath Time Right Now

This is just the cutest.
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Apparently us humans aren't the only ones who enjoying taking long baths or showers - these adorable animals do too. They couldn't be happier that it's bath time right now and the look on their little faces is just the cutest.

1. This little guy loves his bubble baths.

2. But probably not as much as this little bear cub!

3. This pooch is really enjoying it.

4. "Go on, put it on my head! haha"

5. When it comes to bath time, this dogs chilled approach is the best.

6. Unlikely bath buddies!

7. Birds probably love bath time the most!

8. The face of a happy pup.

animals enjoying bath time 8.jpg

9. Baby elephant couldn't be happier that it's bath time.

10. This cat seems to have forgotten how to cat.

11. "I'm so fabulous!"

animals enjoying bath time 11.jpg

12. It's bath time!

13. Lila the hedgehog loves a good bubble bath.

14. First ever bath and loving it!

15. The definition of happiness.

16. Showercap, check!

17. That face is too cute.

18. Bunny is so chill about bath time.

19. Hedgehogs really do love their bubbles don't they.

20. "What do you think of my new hairdo!?"

21. Corgi bath time.

22. "Why can't it be bath time every day!"