19 Hilarious Disney Memes That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

We’ve all enjoyed the movies as children and now with the internet being the place that it is, we get to enjoy it all over again from an adults perspective. As children Disney movies seem innocent, but let an adult watch them and this is what happens…

1. This happens more often than it should.

2. Seems legit.

3. No amount of alcohol will numb the pain from this realisation.

4. Let them live that fantasy.

5. Sometimes letting go can be the hardest thing.

6. Ideal man…

7. Sometimes the struggle is just too much.

8. The absolute worst.

9. You have to wonder…

10. What every girl wants.

11. Asking the important questions.

12. Award worthy puns.

13. It’s that simple, Ariel.

14. I’m sure you can relate.

15. Hide yo kids, hide yo wife!

16. Finally, a realistic Disney movie!


18. Every time you eat something unhealthy.

19. Not sure about you, but i’d be fooled.


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