Hospital Makes Exception so That Couple Married for 68 Years Can Be Together

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Being separated from anyone you love is not easy, even for the shortest amount of time, so when Tom and Arnisteen Clark of Fayetteville, Georgia, were separated for the first time in over 50 years the two of them were left in distress. They were forced apart following a stay at Piedmont Hospital earlier this month after none of the rooms on the ward they were staying on had double occupancy.

96-year-old Tom Clark who hadn't been apart from his wife since the Korean War told hospital staff “She’s the finest woman in the world.”

After speaking to the staff, they managed to get special permission for Mr. Clark to see his wife for a few hours every single day during their stay. Since then the two of them have been moved from hospital to recover at a rehab facility. Proof that true love will always find a way!

Tom (96) and Arnisteen Clark (92) hadn't been apart for more that 50 years.

After being married for 68 years Tom couldn't bare to be separated from his wife and insisted on being able to see her.

The Clark family

The Clark family

It was clear to the staff that being apart from each other was breaking their hearts. The staff went to great lengths to ensure the two of them could be together again!

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