22 Adorable Pets That Enjoy Nothing More than Waking up Their Humans

Pet owners will be able to relate.
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Pet owners shouldn't need to worry about setting an alarm in the morning, they've got a far more reliable alarm clock and it comes with four paws and a fluffy fur coat. Whether they want feeding, walking or just want your attention you're guaranteed to get woken up and this time there is no snooze button.

1. "You will wake up, trust me."

2. "I'll just lay here and make you feel guilty."

3. "Is it breakfast time yet!?"

4. Good morning human!

5. "I'm hungry. You must move."

6. "I'll have one belly rub please!"

7. "So... what you making me for breakfast?"

8. "You wouldn't move, so I had to slap you."

9. "If I move slowly, they may not notice my presence."

10. "Don't panic! this is just a toy. I'll bring you the real thing tomorrow."

11. "This is my bed now."

12. "Wanna play?!"

13. Meow!

14. Going in for the cold nose kiss.

15. "You don't get to sleep in on the weekends, time to get up!"

16. "Wake up! we need to play fetch!"

17. Let the morning pounce commence!

18. "This is for not walking me already!"

19. There are worse things to wake up to.

20. "Mmm I totally get why you didn't want to get out of bed."

21.  "Sorry, you aren't getting back in until my dish is full."

22. Rise and shine!

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