They Found This Puppy Collapsed on the Street, You Won't Believe Her Amazing Recovery

This is heartbreaking... but the ending is incredible.
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This is the story of a small puppy that was on the brink of death, but after being spotted by members of Animal Aid Unlimited, an organisation that helps rescue puppies form the streets of India she made the most incredible transformation.

The start of the video is hard to watch, as the poor puppy could no longer walk, but after two weeks of love and care she is now a healthy and happy dog.

Sadly though this is just one of thousands of stray and uncared for dogs in India that need helping. To learn more about the organisation that helped this dog you can follow on Facebook and view more info here.

They found this poor puppy lying on the floor, on the brink of death.

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Luckily members of Animal Aid Unlimited, an organisation helping stray dogs in India stepped in to help.

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The poor dog was suffering from canine distemper, which normally proves fatal.

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But after two weeks she made a full recovery!

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What an amazing transformation!

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