He Was out Hiking on a Mountain When He Spotted Something Terrifying

I would have run away!
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When hiker Trevor Rasmussen was trekking through Glacier National Park last summer he never expected that he would stumble across a mountain lion!. He wasn't sure what the mountain lion would do, but decided to film his incredible encounter. At one point the lion starts walking towards him but seems a little put off by Rasmussen's repeated warning to back off.

Here is the video from Rasmussen's perspective "Here is my standoff with a mountain lion that happened last summer in Glacier National Park. I did see the abscess when filming it and the first thing I did when I got out of the woods was report it to some rangers. I showed them the video, the abscess and told them the location where it happened. Fortunately it was in a place that was easy enough to remember and the park rangers were on top of it."

We would have probably slowly backed off and tried to get away! luckily after he decided to stay and film the lion went on its way.