Dad Gets a Tattoo so His 6-Year-Old Daughter Won't Feel Different

This is so adorable.
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There is no worse feeling as a parent than when your children don't fit in, so when you see what New Zealand dad Alistair Campbell did you'll be left feeling touched. His 6-year-old daughter Charlotte suffers from extremely poor hearing and received her first cochlear implants when she was just four years and now so that she doesn't feeling different, her dad has also has a cochlear implant tattooed onto his head.

A cochlear implant is a device that is surgically implanted to improve a persons hearing. Campbell told the New Zealand Herald “[I did it for] my love for her, really. Hey, my hair can grow back.” He will apparently now grow his hair out and then shave it again on Charlotte's request.

Alistair Campbell’s daughter Charlotte has two cochlear implants

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Bad hearing runs in the family. His Wife Anita Campbell also has a cochlear implant and his son Lewis also wears hearing aids.

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In order to support his daughter and make sure she never feels any different he decided to get a cochlear tattooed onto the side of his head.

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Campbell has no other tattoos and will now grow out his hair. He will shave his hair again on Charlotte's request. What an amazing thing to do!

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