22 Adorable Pets Who Think They're Actually Potted Plants

Get ready to laugh.
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These 22 adorable cats and dogs are having a slight crisis in their lives, as they aren't quite sure what they are anymore. Are they a plant? or are they four-pawed bundles of fur? we'll let you decide....

1. "Leave me alone, i'm trying to grow here."

2. "Come visit me in spring, i'll be a beautiful rose by then!"

3. Here we have the rather rare cat bush, often found on garden benches.

4. "I've been here for a while now, but nothing's happening."

5. This cat isn't trying to sprout, it's trying to spy on the neighbours!

6. "Yeah, I know my new home is awesome."

7. "You promised me I'd turn into a beautiful plant."

8. This is what's known as a carnivorous plant.

9. "I'm so chilled right now, I don't care what you think, human."

10. Aww, look at this little guy.

11. "You're home early."

12. "Look away human, nothing to see here."

13. In full glorious bloom.

14. The arrangement of these fluffy flowers is perfect.

15. "Why have plants when you can have me!?"

16. "Please don't add water."

17. "Not long and i'll be as tall as this flower, just you wait!."

18. Caught in the act.

19. "Don't tell anyone. They haven't noticed yet."

20. The flowers didn't grow, but the cuteness certainly did.

21. "I was just... gardening."

22. This plant looks a little sad, better give it some water.

h/t viralnova.com