Just One Hour Before He Was Due to Be Put down This Dog Was Miraculously Saved

He was just one hour away from being put down before someone stepped in and decided to try and help this poor pooch. The dog was taken to the people at Vet Ranch who took care of him and his injuries.

The dogs injuries were likely caused by another dogs bite and because of them the shelter he was staying at had decided to euthanise him.

The dog who now goes by the name of Gregor arrived at the Vet Ranch in a terrible state and was hesitant to be treated by Dr. Matt.


Gregor’s injuries were pretty horrific, more than likely caused by a bite from another dog. It was clear he had lived a traumatic life.


His injuries were clearly visible around his neck, but Gregor was also suffering from other conditions that weren’t so easy to spot such as a large flea and tick infestation. The below video features some very graphic and upsetting footage of his injuries.

Just a few weeks after treatment look at him now! he’s happier than he has ever been.


Although Gregor’s story is a happy one, there are thousands of dogs out there just like him that won’t have such a happy ending. The people over at Vet Ranch do an amazing job at making a big difference to animals in need. For more information on them visit here.

h/t viralnova.com

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