27 Animals That Know a Thing or Two About Fashion

The best dressed pets you'll ever see.
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These animals could teach you a thing or two about fashion. This brings a whole new meaning to 'catwalk'.

1. Ready for take off!

2. Looking ridiculously smart and even cuter.

3. "Photograph my good side."

4. "I woke up like this."

5. Stumpy & Grumpy.

6. "You like it? knitted it myself."

7. You shall go to the ball!

8. "This is my tough guy jacket!"

9. When it's cold out side.

10. Even when it's raining, got to keep stylish.

11. That hat is so you.

12. This is just too adorable.

13. You're a wizard, cat.

14. Looking fabulous.

15. Smart pug.

16. The best dressed dog ever.

17. "Today is going to be a glorious day!"

18. "It's cold out here, but I couldn't be warmer!"

19. Well, does it?

20. "Ready for work, but I don't want to go."

21. What do you mean the Lord of the Rings convention isn't until next week!?

22. No dog here, just a vicious cheetah.

smartly dressed pets 22.jpg

23. "Channeling my inner cow."

24. Ready for holiday!

25. Those shoes are beautiful.

26. Awww.

27. Instagram's next top model.