Los Angeles Becomes a Vibrant Dreamscape in These Beautiful Photographs

You've never seen Los Angeles like this.
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As part of his Dreamscapes series, Los Angeles photographer Anthony Samaniego takes beautiful landscape photos that transform his home city into an array of pink, purple and pastel hues. The images are created with multiple exposures of the city throughout the day which are then put together in post-production. Samaniego then tweaks the photos to have a pastel like colour.

Samaniego told Los Angeles Times that photographing L.A has become something of a personal mission and that despite these magical photos he says that "I became obsessed, to shoot the right photo of L.A. I'm still searching." You can see more of his work on TumblrInstagram and Behance.

Source: anthonysamaniego.com

h/t mymodernmet.com