This Cat Mum Adopted Some Tiny Hedgehogs and It's Perfect in the Cutest Way Imaginable

Tiny spiky babies!
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After four tiny baby hedgehogs were left without a mother things weren't looking great for them, but luckily a loving tabby cat named Sonya was there to help. Pairing a cat with baby hedgehogs might seem like an odd combination but the way they have bonded together is adorable...

Sonya already has one kitten of her own, but was more than happy to take on another four....

Except this new litter had a slight difference... they were baby hedgehogs!

Despite their obvious differences they all bonded quickly.

Forming one big happy family.

They share cuddles together that are beyond cute!

...and the little hedgehogs have never been happier.

Because without their new mum they never would have made it.

Without the love of Sonya these tiny babies would never have made it. It's always amazing to see two different species of animals getting along together in such a loving way, proving that love knows no boundaries.


h/t ViralNova