Couple Respond to Baby Questions by Doing Newborn Photoshoot with Their Dog

Resulting in hilariously cute photos.
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Abby Lee and Matt Kay are a young couple living in Australia who were fed up with being asked by family members and friends when they were going to have a baby, so the moment they had a new arrival in the family they thought they would celebrate with a photoshoot... except this new arrival wasn't human. The photoshoot was for Humphry the groodle (poodle and golden retriever) and although he might be a little furry, he's technically still a newborn.

They came up with the idea on the way back from the breeder after picking Humphry up and contacted photographer Elisha Minette to do the photoshoot. The end result is both hilarious and adorable. You can see more of Minette's work on her website website and Facebook page.


h/t BoredPanda