22 Terrified Cats That Have Just Realised They're Going to the Vets

Guaranteed to make you laugh.
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As kittens cats are often blissfuly unaware of the terrors that lie within the vets, but as they grow older they quickly learn. Going from their home to unfamiliar surroundings and being handled by complete strangers can be pretty terrifying for a cat however there are steps that can be taken to help them, such as familiarising them with the car travel and taking a small blanket for them that smells of home.

1. "Took my cat to the vet..."

2. "Maybe if I face this way, they won't see me."

3. Waiting for the vet.

4. "Nope, i'm out of here!"

5. "Florence was not pleased about his visit to the vets."

6. Truly terrified.

7. Ever get that sinking feeling?

8. A rather concerned patient.

9. "This sink has made me completely invisible to the human eye!"

10. This face says it all.

11. Tried removing cat from cage, didn't go so well.

12. "If it fits, I hide."

13. "This is genius, they'll never find me here!"

14. This cat has got the hang of it.

15. But this cat hasn't. We can still see you buddy!

16. This cat has adapted to its surroundings in order to blend in.

17. But this cat hasn't done so well.

18. There's safety in numbers!

19. "My cat hates the vet."

20. "If I don't see them they don't see me."

21. "So we took our formerly stray cat to the vet for the first time yesterday. She did not like it, nor the cardboard carrier we transported her in."

22. "I'm never coming down human, you betrayed me."

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