Shiba Inu Gets Stuck in Bush, Still Manages to Play It Cool

Such class.
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Getting stuck in a bush isn't hard, but doing it with as much class as this Shiba Inu certainly is. After the super cute dog managed to get himself wedged into a bush in Japan he couldn't do much other than smile, making for a truly hilarious but cute set of photos.

Apparently the incident happened on August 17 and was photographed by Twitter user @yamamochi223.  We can imagine that the dog was swiftly rescued from his hedge adventure not long after these photos were taken.

"Nothing unusual to see here guys..."

shiba inu stuck in bush 1.jpg

"I'm not stuck. But if someone want's to help then please do..."

shiba inu stuck in bush 2.jpg

"Ok. Stop taking photos. Please help me now."

shiba inu stuck in bush 3.jpg

h/t RocketNews24