Tiny Hermit Crab Gets a 3D Printed Shell in the Shape of a Japanese Wedding Chapel

The cutest use for 3D printing.
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Artist Aki Inomata has come up with adorable use for 3D printing, by creating tiny architecturally inspired plastic shells for Hermit crabs. In her latest design titled White Chapel she has recreated a small Japanese wedding chapel, part of a third instalment in the adorably named series Why Not Hand Over a "Shelter" to Hermit Crabs?

In order to create the shells Inomata studied the hermit crabs natural form using a CT scanner and then implemented her findings into the shells design. The shells are 3D printed in acrylic and then given to the hermit crabs who instinctively climb inside. The end result is surreal and the hermit crabs get a new shiny home!

You can see more of Inomata's work on her website.

hermit crab 3d printed shell 1.jpg
hermit crab 3d printed shell 2.jpg
hermit crab 3d printed shell 3.jpg
hermit crab 3d printed shell 4.jpg
hermit crab 3d printed shell 5.jpg

Source: aki-inomata.com

h/t mymodernmet.com