104-Year-Old Street Artist Covers Her Town in Playful Art Made From Yarn

The world's oldest street artist is awesome.
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At the age of 104 it's probably safe to say that great-grandmother Grace Brett is the world's oldest street artist and with the help of some volunteers she's transformed her home town into one giant yarn-bombed exhibition. Her volunteers go by the name Souter Stormers and are a secretive group who have most recently yarn-bombed 46 landmarks in the Scottish county of Borders.

Brett told the Press And Journal “I thought it was a really good idea to decorate the town and enjoyed having my crochet included.” Brett's daughter Daphne, 74, also commented on how her mother had always enjoyed knitting,“she has always knitted and crocheted all through her life. She has always done all the knitting for the babies and made shawls.”

The yarn installations were part of the YES arts festival which ended on the 19th of this month. Grace proves that age is just a number and should never hold you back from doing what you love the most. For more information on the art festival visit here.

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