9 Things You Can Do with the iPhone 6S That You Can’t Do on the iPhone 6

Although Apple’s latest phones, the iPhone 6S may not look different, the new model can do a few things that its predecessor couldn’t. Here’s a quick look at the standout features of the new iPhone.

1. You can shoot live photos. Sort of life a GIF file, the camera captures a before and after photo of the image you take and creates one that moves slightly.

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2. You can open apps to for specific reasons. Say if you want to post something on Instagram. You can use 3D Touch to hold down on the Instagram icon and select ‘new post’.


3. It takes better selfies. The 6S has a feature that illuminates the screen to act as a flash when taking a selfie in a dark place.

4. Your keyboard can now be used as a cursor making it easier to select and edit words whilst typing.


5. You can switch between apps quickly using 3D Touch. Press and hold on the side of the screen in app in order to launch this feature.


6. You can now preview just about anything, from websites to calendar dates without being interrupted on what you are currently doing. 3D Touch allows your to press and preview something before fully opening it.


7. Siri is now hands free. Turning on “Hey Siri” will allow you to ask questions without even having to pick your phone up. The older iPhone had to be plugged in to use this feature.


8. The new iPhone’s are capable of shooting glorious 4K video.

9. Thanks to a faster processor and new Touch ID sensor unlocking the iPhone has never been faster.


h/t businessinsider

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