95-Year-Old Yoga Master Believes He Will Live to Be 130

This man looks incredible.
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He's 95-years-old now and looks amazing so when Kazım Gürbüz says that he's going to live to be 130 years old you almost believe him, even though it's a statement that defies everything you've ever known. At 95-years-old Gürbüz certainly doesn't look his age, something the yoga master puts down to maintaining his flexibility and eating superfoods. 

Over the years his way of life has enabled him to stay looking young whilst also helping him recover from serious injury. At 41 he was left paralysed from the waist down after he broke his back. He was told he'd never walk again, but after various experiments over a nine month period he was able to manipulate his vertebra in to place, allowing him to slowly recover and walk again!.

When it comes to diet he eats various honeys, pinto beans, peppers, soup and herbal tea, which has allowed him to stay in the same health as his 25-year-old self. “We can live to be 130 years old," Gürbüz told the Daily Hurriyet. "I have such an intention… everyone has the power… If they take good care of their bodies. Then they will live to age like me.”

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