Otherworldly Photos of Indonesia's Blue Fire Volcano by Reuben Wu

These photos are incredible.
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These incredible photos may look like they've been digitally enhanced but they haven't, they've all been captured in camera by talented Chicago-based photographer Reuben Wu. The photos were taken on a recent visit to Ijen and Bromo Tengger Semeru, two volcanoes located in East Java, Indonesia, and show molten and glowing blue rivers cascading down the side of the volcanoes.

Normally this area is a lot busier as it's a popular tourist spot however Wu stayed behind until dusk, allowing him to capture these otherworldly photos. The blue fire and glow given off from the volcano is actually caused by ignited sulphuric gas, making the area the largest 'blue flame' location in the world. You can see more of Wu's photos from this trip here.

h/t thisiscolossal.com