Famous Bands & Musicians Reimagined as Funny Emoji Sequences

Simple yet perfect.
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The rise of the emoji's popularity is clear for all to see, it's even been proven that the emoji is one of the world's fastest growing languages, if you can really call it that.

Their simple ability to communicate an idea or message is clear when you look at Brazilian art director Bruno Leo Ribeiro's fun series titled 'Music Emojis'. By using customised emojis he's able to recreate famous bands and musicians that are almost instantly recognisable, even without their names displayed above. The series is on-going and you can see more of it here.

emoji bands 1.jpg
emoji bands 2.jpg
emoji bands 3.jpg
emoji bands 4.jpg
emoji bands 5.jpg
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emoji bands 8.jpg
emoji bands 9.jpg
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emoji bands 13.jpg
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emoji bands 15.jpg
emoji bands 16.jpg

Source: musicemojis.tumblr.com

h/t theultralinx.com