Abused Elephant Weeps as She Is Set Free from Chains for the First Time

You can literally see her happiness.
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Meet Kabu, an elephant whose tragic story that is unfortunately all too common. For more than 20 years Kabu was kept in chains, forced to work hard in the forests of Cambodia pulling unimaginably heavy logs up the forest mountainsides. Years of abuse, neglect and hard work had left her front limbs badly injured, her body carrying the very visible scars of mistreatment.

Far worse however is the psychological trauma that Kabu has suffered at the hands of those who chained her up. During her time as a working elephant Kabu had two offspring, one of them was sold to a tourist camp whilst the other was killed by her captors during a brutal training exercise. After years of trauma Kabu is finally in a better place thanks to Lek Chailert, the founder of the Elephant Nature Park and her helpers. They managed to secure Kabu's release from Cambodia and relocate her to their sanctuary in Thailand.

Naturally she was scared, fragile both physically and mentally, however volunteers managed to coax her into the specially prepared truck ready to be relocated. Little did Kabu know that she was on the road to freedom and a life of happiness.

By the time they arrived at the sanctuary the sun had set and Kabu seemed to be excited. She made her way down the ramp and towards other elephants at the sanctuary and for the first time set eyes upon animals just like herself that weren't chained up. The most touching moment of all is when Kabu's eyes were glistening and weeping, a sign of her overwhelming happiness and joy as she finally realised that a better life is ahead of her.

Kabu had suffered a lifetime of abuse and neglect at the hands of her captors.

She bares the scars of her mistreatment, with years of hard labour leaving her front legs deformed. Resucers from the Elephant Nature Park managed to secure her release from the forest of Cambodia.

When she arrived, free from her chains for the first time and able to interact with other elephants Kabu was overwhelmed.

She reached out her trunk to great her new friends for the first time.

Her emotions were clearly visible, as she began to weep. We hope she has a long and happy life ahead of her!

via TheDodo