Adorable Miniature Horses Provide Those in Need With Love and Care

Those that love animals will know that they can be incredibly attentive and caring, offering a therapeutic release and an unspoken mutual understanding that’s often hard to come by. Such is the case of these adorable tiny horses, standing at just two and a bit feet tall what they lack in height they more than make up for in heart.

Their calm temperament and nature means that they are perfect for providing therapy to those in need. Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses is a non-profit organisation that works with 25 adorable miniature horses to help thousands of people around the world, from the survivors of natural disasters to those sick in hospices.

Part of the horses charm lies in their size. People find them easier to befriend and trust as apposed to a larger horse which can sometimes be intimidating, especially to young children or the more frail. Gentle Carousels headquarters is located in Florida however they have since expanded around the world with all of their bases being run entirely by volunteers.

A touching and heart warming case of how animals and humans can work together in order to spread a little bit of joy. For more information on Gentle Carousel make sure you check out their Facebook page and website.



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