After They Were Found Starving These Two Dogs Have Undergone an Incredible Transformation

See their amazing transformation.
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When these two dogs were found in an abandoned building by the Chicago Police Department in July they had almost starved to death. Lack of food, water and general care had taken its toll on the pair but with the right help they've undergone an incredible transformation.

Emmy the Brown dog and Oscar, the white one with spots, were pretty much skeletons when they were discovered which meant the Trio Animal Foundation had to give them a special diet plan until they were used to eating proper food again. Emmy has since been adopted but Oscar is still looking for a home. You can see more from the Trio Animal Foundation on Facebook.

Emmy (left) and Oscar (right) were found in an abandoned building by the Chicago Police Department.

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They were found in a terrible way. They were found in an almost skeletal state due to lack of food.

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Emmy weighed just 10.8 kg when she was found. The Trio Animal Foundation stepped in with a special diet plan to help nurse the two of them back to health.

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After recovering Emmy found a new home with one of the vets, Anthony.

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Oscar is also better but still searching for a new home.

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