Biker on Road Trip Rescues Burnt Kitten Along the Way

They continued the trip together.
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Pat Doody is a 32-year-old biker and sheetmetal worker who recently decided to go on a road trip from Nevada to New Jersey but nothing could have prepared him for what he would find on the way. Doody was at a truck stop getting gas when he spotted the kitten and could see that he needed help. He could see the kitten was badly burnt and decided to pick him up and tuck him into his vest.

Doody has since taken “Party Cat” to the vet to get him checked out and they've both continued their road trip together. He's getting better at feeding and his general health is improving despite still being on the move. See more on Tumblr, Flickr and YouTube.

Biker Pat Doody was on a road trip from Nevada to New Jersey when he stopped at a gas station.

biker saves kitten 1.jpg

He spotted a kitten who looked in a bad way with burns all over his face.

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Doody instinctivley picked up "Party Cat" and tucked him into his vest.

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He took Party Cat to the vet and since then his health has been improving.

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The pair continued their road trip together until they got home.

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Party cat was eating tuna fish out of dry foil packs whilst on the road.

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But now that they've returned he's back to eating cat food.

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His burns have also healed up now and thanks to Doody he has a loving home.

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Doody says “I’ve never met a cat so calm.”

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Whenever the duo go on a road trip now, Party Cat hangs out inside Doody's vest. 

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