These Fascinating Seaside Murals Change With the Tide

How they're created is pretty cool.
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We've already featured the work of Artist Sean Yoro before for his incredible seaside murals which he paints whilst on his surfboard and now he's back with some more fascinating murals that change with the tide.

Yoro who is also known online as Hula paints his murals in hard to reach places, meaning it is only possible to reach them on his surfboard, an unlikely platform to sit on and create the stunning hyper realistic portraits that he does. By painting on harbour walls, old ships and surfaces that breach the water he is able to create portraits that are revealed depending on the tide. See more of Hula's work here.

sean yoro mural 1.jpg
sean yoro mural 2.jpg
sean yoro mural 3.jpg
sean yoro mural 4.jpg
sean yoro mural 5.jpg
sean yoro mural 6.jpg
sean yoro mural 7.jpg

h/t Colossal