Brides Father Unexpectedly Stops Wedding so That Her Stepdad Can Also Walk Her Down the Aisle

A brides wedding day is supposed to be one of the most special days of her life and one of the most important moments is being walked down the aisle, a job that normally goes to just one person, the father. This wasn’t the case for Brittany Peck who was joined by both her dad and stepdad whilst walking down the aisle.

These photos taken by Delia Blarkburn capture the moment that Todd Bachman, Brittany’s father, with a determined look on his face stopped the wedding to grab Brittany’s step dad and let him also walk her up the aisle. It was a beautiful moment and act of kindness that left everyone at the wedding speechless.

Brittany’s stepdad, Todd Cendrosky, has been in her life for more than a decade, as Bachman said himself “He has helped me raise my daughter and he should be walking with us.”

Photos via Delia D Blackburn Photography

h/t mymodernmet

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