Formerly Abused Pit Bull With No Ears Couldn’t Be Happier After Finding a Forever Home

Nana the pit bull has been through a lot in her life, abused by her old owner her ears were cut off in a such a way that they caused her ear canals to fill with fungus and polyps resulting in her eventually going death. Her teeth had also been removed. Before she was dropped of at a Los-Angeles animal shelter it’s also estimated that she gave birth to a litter of around 15 puppies.

How anyone can treat an animal in such a manner is beyond belief, but the suffering Nana’s been put through is all behind thanks to Doris who immediatley fell in love with her when she spotted Nana at the animal shelter. “To this day, I cannot explain what sparked me to impulsively apply to foster her,” Doris explained to The Huffington Post. What she does know though is that in the six months since adopting Nana she hasn’t regretted it once.

Now that Nana is living a better life surrounded by people that love and take great care of her she has become something of an advocate for other pit bulls, showing everyone that her breed can be just adorable and loving as any other. You can see more of her on Instagram and Facebook.

Source: Facebook

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