Honest Coca-Cola Logo Labels the Organs That Are Damaged When You Drink It

This really causes you to think.
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We all enjoy Coca Cola now and then, but too much of anything is a bad thing. The health effects of drinking Coca Cola have long been debated and those in the know widely accept that it isn't good for you in either diet or normal form. With this in mind designer from Nicaragua, Fabio Pantoja, decided to redesign Coca Colas logo with a dark twist.

Pantoja is a self confessed Coca Cola addict himself who admits that he drinks to much of the stuff and created the logo redesign as less of a critic to CocaCola and more to himself to help him try and give it up for good. The project which is titled “Uncover the truth” highlights the organs that are damaged when you drink Cola and it's pretty shocking to look at.

For more information on Pantoja and the research he carried out to create this project visit his Behance.

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Source: Behance