Lost Weather Balloon GoPro Found Two Years Later With Amazing Footage

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In June 2013 five friends in Arizona decided to attached a GoPro, camcorder and phone to a weather balloon and send it up into space to capture some amazing footage. The team of students built the craft, worked out where it would likely land and contacted the FAA to make sure they wouldn't be in the way of any passing aircraft. They finally launched the balloon and planned to track it using the attached phone, but they soon lost contact when the phone became out of range.

Months passed and the team wondered if they would ever see their footage again. Little did they know that it would take a full two years before would see their GoPro and its footage again. They received a call from a man who found a box with their contact details on it located in Arizona just 50 miles from where they originally launched the balloon. What they found on it was awesome, incredible shots of earth from above.

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h/t mymodernmet.com