This 59-Year-Old Model Is Revolutionising the Fashion World

Don't fight ageing, enjoy the ride.

Yasmina Rossi is changing the fashion world and empowering women around the world by challenging age related stereotypes. Rossi began her career in modelling in her late 20's, a time that most models in the industry are starting to retire. It wasn't until she was 45-years-old however that her career really took off and she started to work for the likes of MasterCard, AT&T, and Macy's

At an age that most in the industry would consider Rossi pass her prime she continues to show them otherwise and rather than try and hide the signs of ageing she embraces them as a part of who she is. In an interview with The Sunday Times Rossi says that “I like the way I look now than how I looked 20 years ago,” and goes on to say “My body is nicer and I feel happier than when I was 20.”

The secret to looking so good at her age? apparently she has eaten organic food all of her life, exercised regularly but not over done it and has always looked towards natural cures for illness rather than modern medicine adding that "Go with nature instead of fighting it – this is the rule for everything.” Tips and lifestyle choices aside, the real reason Rossi looks so good is because she embraces her natural beauty.